Chocolate Gummies – Deliciously Organic


Chocolate gummies are great for a fun snack or for a little something sweet after a meal.

Chocolate GummiesChocolate Gummies

The gummies are a combination of heavy cream, gelatin, cocoa, maple syrup, instant decaf coffee, sea salt, and vanilla. The instant decaf is optional, but it does deepen the chocolate flavor, so I recommend giving it a try.

You can pour the liquid mixture into an oiled 8×8 pan, or you can use a candy mold. Because the liquid is cooled and then put into the refrigerator, I feel ok using a silicone mold, but if you prefer to stay away from any kind of silicon, the square pan is a good option.

Chocolate GummiesChocolate Gummies – Deliciously Organic

The chocolate gummies can be made with coconut milk, but keep in mind that the gummies will have a strong coconut flavor. Be sure to only use coconut milk and not a coconut beverage. Native Forest is the one I recommend.