Female Founded: Wild Nutrition Brand Highlight


As we celebrate Female Founded month at Planet Organic, we are proud to highlight Wild Nutrition, a brand that not only stands at the forefront of health and wellness, but also exemplifies the pioneering spirit of female entrepreneurship. Founded by Henrietta Norton BSc Dip NT, a nutritional expert and best-selling author, Wild Nutrition began as a humble venture in a garden shed in 2013. Since then, it has blossomed into an international presence, gracing over 50 countries with its innovative products.

Henrietta’s expertise, combined with her profound respect for natural wellness, set the foundation for Wild Nutrition. Driven by a desire to fill a noticeable void in the market, Henrietta introduced her unique Food-Grown® supplements, effectively transforming the landscape of the wellness industry. This venture was more than a business; it was a movement towards authentic, nature-aligned nutrition.

At Planet Organic, we admire Wild Nutrition’s dedication to creating scientifically supported products using exceptional quality natural ingredients. These supplements are more than just nutrient providers; they are life enhancers, crafted to transform health and well-being for people across all age groups.

Wild Nutrition’s journey parallels our commitment to promoting sustainable and health-conscious brands. Achieving Certified B Corp status, they exemplify the highest standards in social and environmental responsibility, resonating with our values at Planet Organic. The core of their product line is the innovative Food-Grown® method. This approach involves selecting the finest natural ingredients and enhancing them through a natural growth process, resulting in supplements that the body easily recognizes and absorbs.

Their manufacturing process is a testament to their commitment to quality. Eschewing the use of solvents or chemicals and using a low-heat environment, Wild Nutrition ensures the preservation of nutrient integrity. This method starkly contrasts with synthetic supplement production and underscores their dedication to natural, effective supplements.

Two standout products in Wild Nutrition’s range perfectly encapsulate their approach to wellness:

Food-Grown® KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus. Henrietta specifically chose this form of Ashwagandha for its exceptional properties in supporting emotional balance and relaxation. Its unparalleled traceability, ethical harvesting, and green extraction process make it a market leader. This product is a shining example of Wild Nutrition’s ethos of combining efficacy with environmental consciousness.

Food-Grown® Menopause Complex. This formula was crafted with the intent to provide nurturing support to women undergoing menopause. It represents Wild Nutrition’s commitment to creating solutions tailored to specific health needs, offering a more positive experience during this significant life stage.

Wild Nutrition represents not just a brand of high-quality supplements but also a symbol of visionary female leadership in the wellness industry. Henrietta Norton’s journey from a small start in a garden shed to a globally recognized brand is not only inspiring but also aligns with Planet Organic’s mission to support innovative, sustainable, and health-focused brands. Wild Nutrition’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and targeted nutrition makes them an exemplary feature in our celebration and a valued presence on our shelves.


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