5 Beachwear Trends That Are Set to Dominate Summer 2024, According to a Fashion Expert


From the age of about 11, I dubbed “beach girl” my aesthetic. Aside from crawling around rock pools and paddling in the tide, I was enamoured with the fashion I saw by the sea too—it always made me feel right at home. Clothes weren’t pretentious or stuffy, and the more laid-back, the better. That’s why I’m now so fixated on what beachwear trends surface every year.


(Image credit: Future)

Clothes for the beach are meant to be functional and easy to throw on and peel off in between swimming and lazing about on the sand, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack style. Whilst I once collected shark T-shirts and cool board shorts, my style has (thankfully) evolved since then, and if you’re also dedicated to getting your beach outfits just right, there are a few trends to take note of. The five below trends have caught my eye this year and they’re both easy to replicate and pack into your suitcase (or straw tote).